By Christian P.

What is a Supernova?

A supernova is a explosion of energy given off by a dying star. It is the biggest explosion in space.

What causes a Supernova?

A supernova is caused by a star burnning the last small amount of heilum and hydrogen. The star begins to expand while burnning the last bit of gas. This expansion continues untill the fuel has depleted. After this happens the star collapses and explodes. The explosion will cause one of three things: 1) The star will be "recycled" will start life over again. 2) The star will turn into a Neutron Star with closely packed neutrons. 3) It will turn into a Black Hole.
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The Not-So Milky Way

In about 4.8 billion years the Sun is going to die out. What will happen is like most other stars it will begin to expand. The expansion will iincinerate/burn Mercury, Venus, and maybe Earth. It will expand toward Earth but might not harmit before runing out of fuel and collapsing. The collapse will create a nebula for a stars lif to start.

The Sun's Expansion

The is a estimated path of how far out The Sun will expand.
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Video Clip of Supernovas in Action

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