Container Home Project

The Process

Early Sketches

I wanted my house to be a simple, but not quite minimalist home. I wanted the basic, necessary rooms and nothing fancy. I decided to use the living room as the center piece of the house and built around that, adding three bedrooms, a kitchen, etc.

Sketchup Diagrams

AutoCAD Drawings

Final Container Pictures

Interior View 4

Living Room with large flat screen set up, couch, and coffee table

Home Location and Reflection

Michael Sena

Principles of Architecture and Construction - Period 7

I would want my house to stay in Texas. I love the state of Texas and particularly the Dallas area. I have never been one for the whole "living abroad" fantasy. I actually really enjoyed this project because it was one of the few projects where we had complete control and could design whatever we wanted. I had never used Sketch-Up, but I found it rather easy to get the hang of and fun to use. I didn't find anything too difficult besides having to learn the new software that came along with the project.