The golden age of Greece was a period of great peace, prosperity, and happiness. Around 400-499 BCE, when Athens was at its height of prestige, wealth, and military power. The golden age of Greece lasted for little more than a century but it laid the foundations of western civilization.

Areas Greece Excelled

The Greeks excelled in sculpture. Their works include human anatomy, and details like hair and clothing. They also include motion a wide range of human emotions and moods. Some sculptures are comic, others very serious. Greek scupture inspired the Romans and the great sculptors of the Renaissance. The Greeks also excelled in sports. Some of our track and field events come from Greece. The best example of Greek influence on our sports tradition is the Olympic games. Math is another area in which the Greeks excelled in.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a Greek king of Macedon. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful commanders. His empire stretched from Greece to modern-day Pakistan. Alexander's legacy includes the cultural diffusion his conquests engendered. He founded some twenty cities that bore his name. Alexander's settlement of Greek colonists and the resulting spread of Greek culture in the east resulted in a new Hellenistic civilization. Alexander became legendary as a classical hero in the mold of Achilles. He became the measure against which military leaders compared themselves, and military academies throughout the world still teach his tactics.


Plato was a philosopher in Greece. He was also a mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens. Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science. Plato's dialogues have been used to teach a range of subject, such as philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetoric, religion and mathematics. Plato is one of the most important founding figures in Western philosophy


Solon was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and poet. He is remembered for his efforts to legislate against political, economic, and moral decline in Athens. His reforms failed in the short term, yet he is often credited with having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy.