Medieval Japan Artwork

By: Elizabeth Weidner


-Simplicity, beauty, and love are words that describe Japan's art.

-Calligraphy and Martial Arts are forms of artwork.

-Noh masks were often carved from a single piece of wood and were lightweight, so an actor could wear it for several hours in plays.

-They made wooden statues, furniture, and household items.

-Japanese used ink or watercolors to make landscape pictures on scroll paper or silk.

-Japanese nobles at the emperor's court learned to make origami.

-Origami is the art of folding paper.

-Shinto shrines were built in the Japanese style near a sacred rock, tree, or other natural feature that they considered beautiful.

-Buddhists temples were built in the Chinese style.

-The temples had many statues, paintings, and altars.

-Around their buildings, Japanese created gardens to imitate nature in a miniature form.