Battle of the Books Task Force


Battle of Books Task Force Charter

Click this link to read the formal charter document for the work you will be doing to review and revise the Battle of the Books program.

Be sure to read it before you come to the meeting on Friday.

It will help you and your group stay on track with your task and deliverables.

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Survey Results

Click here to read the survey results from principals, central office, teachers, and speciaists.

We will definitely take into consideration the ideas and input we get here, but we will also absolutely tighten how we choose books AND increase the equity among participants.

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Possible New Competition Groups

This document shows 2 ways that we align schools for competition. This might improve equity by allowing schools to compete against other schools that are more like them - like we do with UIL alignment.
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Team Notes

This is a link to a blank Google doc where you might take notes or gather ideas that you can view, add to, etc.
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Shared Folder

This is a link to the shared folder where these resources reside.

You should also see the folder when you log into your Google Drive under "Shared with Me."