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Jan 3 - 11, 2019

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from Mike & J-

Hitting the Reset Button with the New Year

As your staff and students return from Christmas break, we are presented with a natural opportunity to re-state our expectations and keys for a successful remainder of the school year. Encourage your team to intentionally schedule time for re-teaching behavioral expectations and practicing our procedures. This could look like individual classroom discussions or a schoolwide plan to walk students through the expectations and procedures in each of the main areas of your building. An example of a plan for the schoolwide approach can be found HERE.

Focus on Student Learning

With your school’s MOY i-Ready data now complete and available for review this is a great chance to visit with your staff and students about their progress towards EOY learning goals. I saw some great examples of this during the last days of December as some schools looked at their overall and grade-level growth data during staff meetings and others even shared the building growth data with their student body as part of a schoolwide celebratory moment. What this looks like can take many forms, but the act of sharing this with your team keeps our learning metrics at the forefront and sparks important discussions about what is working instructionally and what is not. HERE in Canvas (Elementary Learning > Files > 2018-19) is a summary of our district i-Ready MOY growth and Tier 1 status broken down by building. We will dive into this data more at our January Job Alike. Thanks for keeping student learning as our focus and leading your team in trying to constantly improve our practices.

Fun and FREE Student Rewards

Looking for some fresh ways to reward students for meeting your expected behaviors? James Grandon and the Fremont team have a great matrix of creative and free ideas that their students get to choose from when they have earned their incentive. Check it out HERE to get some ideas for options at your school.

Feedback through Tower

An email went out earlier today from J that shared the status of giving feedback through Tower. Please pay specific attention to In Progress and Finalized observations. As each site is made up of staffs with varied experience which requires varying data points, it is not a comparison moment between sites. It does give you specific data as to where you are with your total amounts. Please ensure feedback observations from the 1st semester are moved from In Progress to Finalized as soon as possible.

Improving Reading Outcomes for Disadvantaged Students

There are many things that affect students that I can’t control, but research has shown that strong, intentional, & explicit instruction can positively impact the reading trajectories of all students, especially those with economic disadvantages.

Senior Leadership Team followed by Elementary Leadership Job Alike

Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

If you have any agenda items to be considered as agenda items, please send before you leave on Friday, 1/4.
How to Foster Empathy in Children

Research shows that we are each born with a given number of neurons that participate in an empathetic response. But early life experience shapes how we act on it.

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