Meriwether Lewis

Westward Expansion Final

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Why I Went West

I moved west as I led an expedition commissioned by President Jefferson to find an easy way to travel across the Louisiana Purchase. I am proud of the way that my expedition helped our great country expand as manifest destiny dictates it must

" I could but esteem this moment of my departure as among the most happy of my life"

-Meriwether Lewis

My Dream

I wished for nothing more than to help my country reach its manifest destiny. After I had achieved this I had a hard time adjusting back and wanted to be back in the wilderness

My Impact on Westward Expansion

I helped us move west by going with no guidance, except that which was translated from a squaw to find the easiest route west so others could settle there

My death

Three years after me and Clark returned from our expedition I went to Grinder's Tavern which was located along the Natchez Trace in Tennessee. Due to my many stresses I found myself quite miserable I tried shooting myself but it was not fatal. I discovered a razor and cut myself up and down until I died of abdominal bleeding around dawn.

Manifest Destiney

Manifest destiny is our realization that our great country should stretch from sea to shining sea