Book Drive

1st Annual MJGDS Book Drive

A Huge Success!

Our first annual book drive was a huge success, bringing in a total of 1,118 gently used books. The books were distributed to the various day school classrooms, the preschool, and the school library.

School Library Adds to Its Collection

With a total of 492 gently used books added to its collection, the school library is the biggest winner. Among the many books, students are thrilled to find

  • 167 chapter books for all interest levels
  • 111 picture books
  • 78 Easy Readers to fill our baskets with books for our emerging and beginning readers
  • 78 non-fiction books

Thank You!

A great big Thank You to Michelle Grossman, who is not only the creative mastermind behind the Book Drive, but its organizer and manager. Together with her two daughters, Michelle spent countless hours determining each book's Accelerated Reader (AR) level, noting the levels on the inside covers, and affixing the school stamp to each single book before bagging them all for the classrooms and school library. Thank you also to her daughters for designing posters and flyers and to Buddy, the cat, for helping to get the books ready for our students. And, finally, thank you to our MJGDS families for donating gently used books, making the drive a success.