She's the Twelfth Night

Jordan & Mincher - 7th


The purpose of shes the man is viola school cancled girls soccer .So she pretends to be her brother so she can prove that she can prove that she can play soccer with the men. In the twelfth knight viola pretends to be sezorvo so stay alive.

twelfth night

she the man

elements of shakespearien comdey

happy ending

in shes the man the happy ending is when viola finaly get to tell duke who she really is and they win the game

In the "Twelfth Night" Sebastion said "Tis is a dream I cant believe this." When Olivia Kissed him

the two to charters are the same becasue both olivals are in love with sabastion . they are different becaseu of the time period it happend in and the situation

Complex Plot

An example of a complex plot in shes the man is when she pretends to be her brother that is actually in London to play soccer.

An example of a complex plot in Twelfth Night is when she tries to explain to Olivias uncle while sword fighting them.

They're similar because Olivia is still in-love with same characters in both novels/ movie.

They're different in where the setting is in the novels/movies. Another difference is on what they are working towards like in "She's the Man" she wants to play soccer and In "Twelfth Night" she wants to be a servant to Olivia.

The Comedy Ladder


The example of face from shes the man is when viola is talking to her mom on the phone and the dean comes by and sees that she has a wig.

An example farce from the "Twelfth Night" when the servants are getting drunk and dancing .

They are the same because they both have to conceal there identity and help someone bigger then them self.

Comedy of Manners

a example of comedy of manners is when violas first boyfreind justin is making fun of her becasue she wants to play on the boys soccer team.

an example of comedy of manner in twelth night is when the three servents are making fun of olivals butler becasue he acts all high and mighty.

the two are simular becasue justin acts like the drunken servents. but they are diffrent becasue in shes the man it only one person and in twleth night it takes three

Comedy Of Ideas

The comedies of ideas in "She's the Man" was when viola and her brother were arguing under the tower about how to fix the problems of why he was in the game and why was he there.

The Comedies of ideas in "Twelfth Night" was when viola and sebastian was reunited and they found out shes a woman.

They're the same because its the funny idea of them trying to figure out the situation conflict of Viola.

They're different because of the situation they were in at the moment as in setting, Love ordeal.

Low Comedy

An example of low comedy in "Shes the Man" was when she had to cover up she had tampons in her bag so she used it as a nose plug.

An example of Low comedy in "Twelfth Night" was when the servants were getting drunk in and acting like hooligans.

They're the same by the dirty joke they use in the novel/movie.

They're by the type of dirty humor and gestures used in Shes the Man tampons were used and in Twelfth Night drinking and wine was used.