What can we create?

Civil rights projects for Mr.Yancey

which tool is best for you?

How will you pick which tool is the right tool for you? what do you need to do? do you have to present information? does it need to include graphics/pictures? how are you going to share it with Mr. Yancey? Hmmm... we need to do some planning.

Speed dating!

So it's a little like speed dating ~ visit each station today and check out the tool that is listed. What can you do with it? is it easy to use? or more complicated? will you be able to create something on this tool? Will it meet all of the needs for your assignment? Hmmm.

Some of your options are:

Guaranteed to make your teacher happy!

Should you pay for any of these accounts?

HECK NO! always look for free tools to use!

Need more options?

Let's go to the Mighty Scot's Media Center website for more help!