Aboriginanl perspective first fleet

by zeki.suleyman

First Fleet

The first Australians

The Aboriginals believed the dreaming was the beginning of life. Jackawal sisters from the north gave birth to mankind. In central Australia they believe people who disobeyed the laws were turned to stone. They believe the landscape was formed by a large being who returned to the sky. The land became sacred to the aboriginal people.

The first Australians were made up of 250 tribes, each with their own language and their own land boundaries. The British stated that they took the land as theirs because the Aboriginal people hadn’t farmed or used the land properly therefore they didn’t own it.in fact 1.6 billion people had lived on the land prior to the first fleet landing. Just because the aboriginal people used the land differently did not mean they didn’t own it.

The British settlers should have taken time to learn from the Aboriginal people how to survive in the harsh environment instead of just taking the land as theirs.

Early explores

pedro Fernandez de Quiros was a portuguese navigator in 1603 went to search of land in the mythical southern hemisphere