By: Madison Clausen

Theme: Perseverance

  • When Sounder got shot, he still did his best to live. He stood up and wobbled underneath the porch, and he held in there. Sounder was as loyal as ever to his master, even though he was injured. When the mother's husband got taken to jail, she held in there, and took care of her family without him. It must have been hard for her to hang on and take care of the family without him there to help and hunt. The father had to live through a rough life of working at jail, and when his son visited him, he saw how sad sad his family was and the work at the jail was hard. The boy watched his father being taken to jail and he saw Sounder get shot. He was really sad and yet, he still believed and hung on to what he had hope for.


  • When white men went to sit on a crowded bus, the black people were supposed to get out of their seat and let the white person sit there. When Rosa was on a bus, a white man went to sit in her seat but instead of simply giving up her seat, she held her ground and wouldn’t move. They were mean to her and tried all they could to get her out, but she still refused. Before that, her husband and brother died of cancer and that’s why she did what she did. After that though, she went to jail but she’s the one who inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to work his magic.
  • Rosa showed perseverance and wouldn’t give up her seat no matter how much they hurt her verbally and physically. She held on no matter what. She showed perseverance when, for the second time, got yelled at on a bus for not getting out of her seat for a white person. When her husband and brother died of cancer, she had to get over her depression, because she was really sad after they died.

Loca The Pug

  • Summary: There is a young pug named Loca and she can’t run because she was born like that. She has two sisters and one brother, but they’re not birth siblings. Loca lives in Belfast Ireland and her family cares about her very much. Every time she tries to run, she just starts to bounce and flounce around. Her siblings try to teach her but she just can’t learn.
  • When Sounder got shot, he wasn’t able to run and he could only wobble. Loca can’t run either but that’s because she was born like that. Sounder cares about his master very much and they care about him too, Loca’s family loves her very much also. Loca would always do anything for her master because they take care of her even though she can’t run. Sounder would do anything for his master, because they do their best to take care of him and he hunts for them too.

Anticipation Guide

  • The color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like. -Disagree-
  • I think that a person’s personality does not have anything to do with their skin tone because a person could have light colored skin and look mean but actually be really nice.
  • Judging a person is like judging a book by its cover and you should know the saying that goes “Never judge a book by its cover” and that means that what a person/book looks like on the outside, doesn’t show who the person/book is on the inside. A person who looks really nice could ask to be your friend and then bully you later on in life. A person who, in your opinion, looks really ugly, can be really nice and later that year, end up being the best, loyalest, friend in your entire life.

Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • The daughter takes care of her father like the boy in Sounder did when the father was injured. Chayanne wasn’t in very good condition when the girl adopted her just like in Sounder, Sounder was shot and went into bad condition too.
  • The father was mean to the daughter until he got his pet unlike in Sounder, the father was always nice to his family. The family in the article was picky because the had money to spare and they didn’t have to worry about dying from starvation because they had enough money to live on.