The Great Depression

Rashad Wilson

Back To Them Old Days

  • The great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression decade preceding world war II.
  • The great depression started in the 1930's till the 1940's.
  • The stock market crash October 29 , 1929 Which was a huge problem.
  • The great depression had effected the rich and the poor Wow right you would never knew the rich would be effected.

Key Person


I Picked President Roosevelt because he did every thing and work his tail off to help stop this devastating effect upon the world. The new deal he made Sealed The ''great depression '' thats why i picked him i say he some like a Hero.

Event List

  • October 29 ,1929
  • The stockmarket crash
  • Dust Bowl : Severe Dust Storms
  • Riding The Rails : when millions of people were out of work ( jobless ]
  • Roosevelt and the new deal
  • the end of the depression because of Roosevelt he was some like a hero may say