5th Grade Newsletter

October 12-16, 2020

Hope you are getting a chance to enjoy this beautiful October weather. Please check your email today for your child's progress report. We have another busy week planned in fifth grade.

In reading, students will be finishing up the novel Becoming Naomi Leon. As an assessment piece, students will be writing a newspaper. They will be placed in groups, or may choose to work independently to write stories that relate to the novel. They will have a Google document shared with them that they will use to design their newspaper. We are looking forward to seeing their newspapers.

In fifth grade math, we will be continuing to multiply. We will be looking at the distributive property and multiplying two digit numbers by 2-3 digit numbers.

In accelerated math, they will be multiplying and dividing fractions.

In writing, students will be continuing to finish up their memoirs this week. All of the students are at different stages in their writing, but hoping to wrap up with revisions and final copies by the end of the week or the early part of the following week.

In social studies, we will be testing on chapter 2. We will review in the early part of the week, and test by Thursday. This will be students first official test in social studies. We hope to start science, where we will be looking at the mysteries: What do plants eat and Why do leaves fall? These are lessons that continue to look at the Web of Life: Ecosystems and the Food Web.

In word study we will be looking at open, closed and v-ce syllables. Please continue to study with your children nightly.