5BL Newsletter

October 22-26

We are now in our second quarter of the school year! Students are working hard, and really adapting to the rigor of fifth grade.

Tomorrow, students will be participating in the introductory meeting for our Prelude Music Program. Mr. Pakkebier and Ms. Pteanc are teachers from Granger who will be meeting with students for the next several weeks. During their music classes, they will be introducing the students to the many different instruments that are available to them if they choose to participate in band or orchestra next year.

In reading, students will be working on writing a newspaper story for the novel Becoming Naomi Leon. They have been placed in groups already, and have had a Google document shared with them to work on as a group. I am looking forward to seeing their newspapers. We also will be discussing the new theme for reading which is Courage.

In fifth grade math, we will be continuing to multiply. We will be doing word problems that require multiplication and also multiplication with decimals.

In accelerated math, they will be testing on Unit 2 and doing the transfer task.

In writing, students will be writing their own version of the poem by George Ella Lyons, "Where I'm From". I modeled this for the students last week when we wrote a "Where I'm From" poem for the Naomi from our novel.

In science, we will be looking at the mysteries: What do plants eat and Why do leaves fall? These are lessons that continue to look at the Web of Life: Ecosystems and the Food Web.

In word study we will be looking at the other sounds of "C" and "G". Please continue to study with your children nightly.