Trades Academy Students in 2014

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Thank you to those who attended meetings about Trades Academy in Palmerston North, Masterton and Wanganui .

Trades Academy places for the region in 2014 are dependent on the number of places schools advise Ministry they require in the 1 July 2013 School Roll return.

In order to access funding and places for your schools students in Trades Academies you must allocate a number for this under STP on your 1 July Roll Return. This total needs to include both Taratahi and U-Skills Academy as we both are Trades Academies included in the funding arrangements.

Tina Sims for MoE confirmed at the Wanganui meeting there is no penalty to schools if you do not fill all the places you indicated on the return. However, if you provide a number and have more students than places allocated you run the risk of being unable to access the additional places. The number of funded places available in our region will be reflected by what schools request.


You will have received information from MoE yesterday showing the modelling of how Trades Academy funding works out for every decile rating and size of school roll. The calculators were also part of this communication but are available online so you can model this specifically for your school. If there is any school that’s overall funding is decreased through having students in a Trades Academy Ministry will top your school up. However in most cases schools will receive more funding and be able to spend that additional funding however they choose.

The funding for any additonal information contact:

Tina Sims, 04 463 8972 or

Ryan Perry, 04 463 7631

Schools funding per Trades Academy student 2014:

— $9500

Minus $1900 or 20%

— Total of $7600 to schools, cashed up funding able to be used

UCOL Funding For Trades Academy has decreased for 2014:

— For a trade student: i.e construction, engineering etc.

— $1900 -deducted from schools funding

— $700- Trades Top up

— $1250 Pastoral Care payment = Total to UCOL $3800

For a nontrade i.e our Health programme

— $1900 -deducted from schools funding

— $1250 Pastoral Care payment = Total to UCOL $3150

New Integrated Delivery Model for 2014

The decreased funding for Trades Academies means we need to change our delivery model. This provides both a challenge and an opportunity to change to a more intergrated model.

Thank you for your feedback so far, we have gathered the information from the meetings and will incorporate this into our planning for a new delivery model and we will send this out to you later next week for further feedback.