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Registered for Dates Shown

Linda Airington, Christ the King Catholic Preschool, June 24 & 25

Heather Bullock, Wheeler Elementary, June 15 & 16

Susan Carlsen, Putnam Heights Elementary, June 24 & 25

Rochelle Converse, Greystone Lower Elementary, June 15 & 16, June 24 & 25

Erica Foshee-Moore, Owen Elementary, June 15 & 16

Cassandra Funderburk, Remington Elementary, June 15 & 16, June 24 & 25

Candice Hamilton-Greene, Millwood Arts Academy, June 15, 24 & 25

Kim Iraggi, Nichols Hills Elementary, June 15 & 16

Lynda McDaniel, Madill Early Childhood, June 15 & 16

Jan Matthews, Quail Creek Elementary, June 15 & 16, June 24 & 25

Paula Palermo, Lakeview Elementary, June 15 & 16

Candace Stine, Robertson Elementary, June 15, & 16, June 24 & 25

Crysti York, Oologah Lower Elementary, June 24 & 25

Please email cspringall@uco.edu with questions/concerns/changes.


Monday & Tuesday, June 15-16 (week 1)
Wednesday & Thursday, June 24-25 (week 2)
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Beaver Science Building at SNU (details below)

PLEASE BRING... Your School's OKA+ Implemetation Guide

Southern Nazarene University

Institute Sessions: Beaver Science Building, a short walk from the residence hall.

Address for GPS: NW 41st and N Peniel Ave, Bethany, OK 73008

This is a 4-story building on the west side of Peniel, where NW 41st intersects.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/u8tDTK

Look for the OKA+ yard sign.
Directions to Campus: http://snu.edu/directions-to-snu
Google Map Directions to site: https://goo.gl/lm1MVs

Campus Map: http://snu.edu/campus-map (#17 on the map)


All parking is free. Just follow common sense guidelines--no parking in loading docks, fire zones, or other marked areas. Do not park in spots designated for the physically disabled unless you display a permit.

Hotel Accommodations for Out-of-Towners

Holiday Inn Bethany, 7840 NW 39 Expressway, OKC, 73008 (1.5 miles from SNU)
Phone: 405-787-6262
Website: https://goo.gl/4fHzBr

Single-rooms reserved, date(s) of stay, and confirmation numbers:

Week 1

Cassandra Funderburk 6/15/2015 CF# 65438904

Candace Stine 6/15/2015 CF# 65440487

Lynda McDaniel 6/15/2015 CF# 65444310

Erica Foshee-Moore 6/15/2015 CF# 65446182

Week 2

Cassandra Funderburk 6/24/2015 CF# 65621637

Candace Stine 6/24/2015 CF# 65622006

Crysti York 6/24/2015 CF# 65480079


  • The Holiday Inn provides complimentary breakfast to hotel guests.
  • Lunch and Refreshments (morning and afternoon) will be provided at SNU.
  • Dinner on June 15 and June 24 will be on your own. Out-of-towners will receive a $12.50 meal reimbursement for each night they are in overnight travel status; a check will be sent after the institute. Two forms must be completed and signed; forms will be provided during the institute.

Attendance/Participation Stipend

The stipend will be $300 per day. Those who attend 2 days will receive $600; for 3 days, $900; for all 4 days $1200. A minimum of 2-days’ attendance is required.

Schools Coming to SNU


  • Carver Early Childhood Center, Enid PS
  • North Highland Elementary, OKCPS
  • Willow Brook Elementary, OKCPS

  • Robertson Elementary, Tulsa PS


  • Lakeview Elementary, Norman PS
  • Horizon Intermediate, Mustang PS
  • Wheeler Elementary, OKCPS

OKA+ Summer Attendance/Cancellation Policy

Participation in OKA+ Schools Summer Institutes and Conferences
While it is understood that emergencies occur, outside of those incidents, failure to participate in all components for which individuals are registered, including meals and full participation in workshops and conference sessions, will cause the school to be liable for costs incurred by Oklahoma A+ Schools for those participants, unless they have canceled or advised OKA+ of partial attendance specifics by June 13. The current cost estimate, per person, is $75 per day or $155 per day with lodging. Actual cost will be computed upon completion.
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