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By Noah (AKA Cholo) Thompson

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A decimal is a dot in a number that makes a number bigger so like 8 could become 8.12

Which is bigger, 8.12 right anyway. So when your adding and subtracting decimals you have to line them up so don't do this 3.909009

+ 6.00


How do you multiply decimals?

When you multiply decimals you got to line the dem decimal points up like this


+ 3.450


Not this


x 3.45


Then take out the decimal points and multiply the the two numbers regularly


X 3,450


Then when you get the answer you turn your answer your answer into a decimal.

You would use this in the real while going to a store.$$$

You would also use this while you order food.$$$

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Dividing Decimals

When you divide decimals you have if the divisor is not a whole number you have to move the decimal point to the right to make it a whole number and move decimal point in dividend the same number of places

Divide as usual. Keep dividing until the answer terminates or repeats.

Put decimal point directly above decimal point in the divide.

Check your answer. Multiply quotient by divisor. Does it equal the dividend?

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