Central African Republic: Civil War

by: Melina Howell

The focus of our research is Central African Republic's Civil War

Issues that led up to the Central African Republic war are...

The civil war of C.A.R started when Boziz, a christian, became president. Many people disagreed on what he bargained. Later on he was overthrown by a Muslim Seleka faction. The faction took over, and the leader of the "Seleka army" became president, Michel Djotodia. He was a Muslim man who was running majority of the Christian land. The War is about communism and territorial issues. Michel Djotodia declared that his religion should be the only one everyone living in C.A.R should pursue this caused alot of controversy which has resulted up until today a civil war.

Important leaders that have been consistent in this Civil War are. . .

Michel Djodtodia

Michel Djotodia was born in 1949 and have studied the skills of a soviet trained civil servant and then became a rebel commander and former president who overthrew Francois Bozize in 2013. Michel served his term in 2014 and resigned so he can be the leader of the Seleka Rebel group and fight against the Anti-Balaka.

Joesph Kony

Joesph Kony was a part of the "Seleka-Rebels" and one of the most wanted commanders. He is in charge of a form of killing and kidnapping villagers in the Central African Republic, and also leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. He kidnapped over 30,000 kids to strengthen his army, he kidnapped females to be sex slaves for his officers, and killed off any person that got in his way by cutting their hands, lips and noses. He is currently being searched for in Uganda, Sudan, the Central African Republic, and where he was currently seen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His army still fights siding with the Muslim Seleka Rebels.

Francois Brozize

Francois Brozize, Christian leader and former president. While he was serving he had accomplished a few things: Ranked 178 out of 179 on the Human Development Index; Formed a new government; and led the Christians into a safe. Until the male specimen had tremendously gone down because of Mr. Bozize's misuse of power and not providing civilians with food, clothing, and homes. He was president from 2003-2013.

Levy Yakete

Levy Yakete, is the leader of the Anti-Balaka army, he is the political coordinator and spokesperson for overthrown president Francois Bozize, another leader and former overthrown Christian president.

Edouard Ngaissona

Edouard Ngaissona is the self-proclaimed coordinator for the Anti-Balaka group. His name along with several of the movement’s commanders are on a list of wanted persons issued by the Central African Republic’s prosecutors. He is also one of the leaders of the Anti-Balaka militia.

Faustin-Archange Touadera

The current President of the Central African Republic is Faustin-Archange Touadera. He is Politician, an academic, and president since March 2016. In the past, he served as prime minister from January 2008 to January 2013. He promised to rebuild a country destroyed by civil war between Muslims and Christian Militias that have started more than three years ago and swore to disarm the fighters on both sides.

Important uses during this C.W

Social Movements


Social movements that occurred were Popes visiting the Anti-Balakas and the Seleka army to understand their sides of the story in attempt to ease the tension between both groups and it did, until the leader of the Seleka army took charge and attacked the Anti-Balakas.
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Important Precursor events. . .

2012 November - New Seleka rebel groups take over most of the north part of C.A.R

2013 March - Muslim Seleka Leader, Michel Djotodia overthrows Francois Bozize as president and forces violence on Christians.

2013 September - Michel Djotodia is blamed for not being able to control the numerous retaliations of the Anti-Balaka (Christian) group.

2013 October - The Union Security Council decides to donate Union soldiers in order to help African and French Union troops.

2013 November - The United States begins to doubt on Central African Republic’s peace because of the reports on Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army rebel leader (Joseph Kony) has not surrendered from the Central African Republic authorities.

2014 January - The president (Michel Djotodia) abandons his position, which didn't stop the violence. Vice president Catherine Samba-Panza took over his position.

2014 August - A muslim politician Mahamat Kamoun began to lead government. Which resulted to many angered Christians.

2015 January - The C.A.R government rejects a bargain made in Kenya about ending this Civil war.

2015 Feburary - The Union announced that the Seleka fighters committed war crimes. As in weapons made from other countries. In addition the Union said the violence in the Central African Republic has become a never ending war zone that forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes in order to not be killed.

2015 September - In Bangui Muslim taxi-driver attacked a Christian which increased the tension between the two groups.

2015 November - A Pope visits and tries to Harmonize the two groups (Muslims, and Christians.)

2015 December - Presidential elections were being passed off in order to reassure the Christians that there will eventually be peace and resting conflict.

2016 January- Lord's resistance commander faced 70 charges of war crimes, Union finds out that the peacekeeping troops have taken advantage of their power and committed sexual abuse, final round of elections between two ministers, Anicet-Georges Dologuélé who has won 19.42% and Faustin-Archange Touadéra, who picked up 23.78%.

2016 March- There was an increase of domestic abuse towards women and children.

2016 April- The U.S accuses the Union peacekeepers of sexual abuse

2016 May - Seleka rebels attack a Christian community leaving thousands in poverty. Many had to start by scratch of building a basic house. On the other hand there are clinc's being placed around C.A.R to help the injured. In addition the Union is fighting for women and gender rights.

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