Digital Citizenship

Social Media by blake.s


Cyberbullying is when you continuously annoy or harass someone on the internet through social networking/media.What to do? tell someone and report itinsted of doing nothing.Who can help?lifeline,parents,friends,trusted adults,kids help line.


Netiquette is when you show etiquette on the internet.You can do this by:

*not swearing

*not writing in uppercase(because people think you are shouting)

*trat others the way you want to be treated

Online Safety

To have Online Safety you should have your social media accounts private,not share your passwords and with passwords have complicated ones including upper case,numbers and lower case letters ,dont post pictures of your self infront of signs or badges showing where you live or what school you go to.

Digital Citizensip

Digital Citizenship is citizenship for the internet.If you use the internet you are a digital Citizen.