Using Edmodo

Social Studies, Sample Activity

UDL Networks: Where does it fit?

Using the Edmodo app or website in the social studies classroom touches on two of the three UDL networks.

Recognition Network: students can see, touch, and interact with the app. The format is easy-to-use and clean. The "feed" is a central feature, running right down the middle of the page.

Strategic Network: students can use the app to access the class calendar and plan out their week's schedule. They can also set notifications setting to self-monitor and stay up-to-date with readings and assignments.

Note: If the classroom is outfitted with iPads or similar tablet computers, Edmodo can be accessed on a free app.

How Does This Activity Score?

UDL Guidelines Covered

Note: Examples from use of Edmodo are provided below, where needed.

1. Provide options for perception

1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of information

Students can view information in their Backpack, on the Feed, on the Calendar.

1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information

Assignments are displayed on a calendar; feed assignments can contain links to videos and images.

2. Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, and symbols

2.5 Illustrate through multiple media

3. Provide options for comprehension

3.3 Guide information processing, visualization, and manipulation

4. Provide options for physical action

4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation

Interaction using technology with a social media format.

5. Provide options for expression and communication

5.1 Use multiple media for communication

Edmodo facilitates communication student-to-student and teacher-to-student.

6. Provide options for executive functions

6.1 Guide appropriate goal setting

Edmodo calendar and reminders

6.2 Support planning and strategy development

Daily mention of the Edmodo calendar in class, allowing students to verbally articulate upcoming assignments and expectations.

6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources

Students Backpack and Folders

6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress

Teacher can view activity log, identifying which students are accessing Edmodo and when.

8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence

8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives

8.3 Foster collaboration and community

9. Provide options for self-regulation

9.1 Promote expectations and beliefs that optimize motivation

How Could This Activity Be Improved?

One obvious improvement to this exercise would be to allow students to post responses verbally using audio or video (for example, using VoiceThread). This kind of modification would be especially helpful for students who verbally process better than they do through writing.

Joe Sears

AP Social Studies Teacher

Houston Academy for International Studies