The peasants Revolt which could also be called a 'Wat Tylers rebellion or the great rising, was a big mutiny across big parts of England in 1381.

The revolt was a violent system of punishment to throw of peasants from causing troube this happened mostly in England.

A group of peasants from Essex and Kent wanted to take action and talk to the king and the king was only 14 at the time but still took responsibility and spoke to the angry peasants at a place called mile end.

How things were after the Black death.

After the black death about 30% of the population was dead.

This effected the every day life of the peasants because they were short workers and 30% of the population was gone.

The peasants had to regain everything because everything they had was gone and gaining it all back would take years.

Peasants were forced to work for the same amount of money.

it was after the Black death that they set the law that peasants stop demanding more money and workers.




in the summer of 1381, the revolt was over. Jhon Ball got hanged.

King Richard did not keep any of his promises because they were threats therefor they werent valid laws.

The leaders from Kent and Essex were both hanged.

The peasants were forced to go back to their old lifestyle which was under control of the lord.

The next 100 years the peasants found out they could earn more by their standards, if they asked for more money the lord had to give it.