Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

April 27-May 1

The Fundamental Five

This is the time of year that we reflect on the impact that we have made on our students. Have your students learned as much as they possibly can? Are my students achieving as much as they possibly can? Am I as effective as I can possibly be? These questions will drive our summative meeting. It is the language of reflection that deepens our knowledge of who we are in relation to others in a community of learners.

Ripples of Hope: April 27-30

Take a picture that represents a struggle you have overcome or goal you have met. Write about the people in your life that helped you get there. The district loves to have pictures of Ripples of Hope activities. Please text or email pictures that you take. All grade levels need to participate. Be sure and tag #ripplesofhopewisd on all forms of social media.

Advanced Rubrics--- Complete by May 21

*2nd Grade Clusters: After screening all 1st graders, if we have enough students who qualified with the recommended score, then we will be able to have a 2nd grade advanced cluster group. Again, the goal is to stay “advanced” and not just fill a class. That defeats the purpose of a true advanced cluster. If we don’t have enough students we will “pod” the students who qualified across 2nd grade classes. For example, if we have 17 qualify, then we split them up and have a pod in each 2nd grade classroom. Teachers, please complete advanced rubrics by May 20. We will place students at the PLC on May 21.

*Unit Test Averages: The ESC will get them to you as soon as they have them done. I will run data reports for assessments that have been completed up to this point. Campus comparisons will be used.

*Writing Samples: Rubrics were sent to team leaders with the writing prompt per grade level. Remember, teachers will just read the writing and judge it as Satisfactory or Advanced.

*Teacher Recommendations: These are done the same way as in the past; please put on a different sheet of paper and staple recommendation to the rubric.

*STAAR: We won’t have scores until the end of the year, so this piece of data will be last. Math is the issue this year. On the rubric it says to give points based on % of where students fell in performance using raw scores.

*AIMSweb: Compare with national norms like you’ve done all year.

*EOY DRA: use most recent DRA level.

For 4th Grade Teachers: You will fill out rubrics for each student based on content. Using rubrics is new to Intermediates, so the information they fill out will help place students in the right class. The teacher rec should be stapled to the rubric.

Team leaders have all the advanced rubrics and writing rubrics for the team.

On May 14, during PLC's we will complete the rubrics. On May 21, teams need to be ready to place students in classes.

Principal's Cool Cat Lunch- May 26 at 11:30 (GT room) Please pick one student from your class that has displayed all core values of the Wylie Way this year. Students that are leaders in their class and have worked hard to meet their goals. Please email Rita the names by May 15. I will send home invitations.

Upcoming Dates:

4/27- McDonald's Night 5-8pm (prek); AIMS web window EOY opens

4/29- Kathryn Schabel's Baby Shower

4/30- PLC's Reflecting on walk through data; First grade field trip