"Born Worker"

by: Gary Soto


Arnie in known for being a "lazy and worse, spoiled by the trapping" at least that's how his cousin Jose describes him. Arnie can come up with plan to benefit him and if it goes wrong don't count on him. Arnie is a trouble maker that does not take charge for his actions and rater lie than to tell the truth.

Conflict Arnie Faces

Arnie came up with a plan to get money. It came into him asking his cousin Jose for help. they got a job at this old man house and Jose had to clean the pool while Arnie was just seeing how it was going and they were going paid for one person only. when they were cleaning the pool the old man comes out to see how it was going when the man looked down to see the pools floor he saw the improvement and when the old man was heading out he tripped and fell into the pool and Jose ran to see if he was alright Jose yelled to Arnie to go call 911 but Arnie said "that it was not there fault that they should just leave."