Carbon Cycle in Texas State Park

By: Aimon A. Lauren A.Lainey B. SooJin P. Nino T. Yenisse G.

Brazons Bend Texas State Park

The Brazos Bend Texas State Park is located southwest of Houston. In the early 19th century, this site was the first land grant given to Stephen F. Austin from Mexico. Later in 1845, most of the land was sold after the Texas Revolution. During this time the river served as a boat landing.
Recently, the land on which the park is located was used for cattle grazing, pecan harvesting, and hunting.


Lynx Rufus

Bobcats are also known to eat rodents, birds, bats and even

adult deer, which they usually consume during the winter months, as well as lambs, poultry and young pigs when a ranch is near.

What cycle is being effected?

The Carbon Cycle is being affected.

The carbon Cycle is the process of removing and putting back carbon into the earth.
1) the trees produce Oxygen for us to use and we breath out carbon for the trees to use. This cycle is important because if the carbon is not used by the trees then the Earth will be polluted with our waste carbon and all the pollution that is formed from the factories and machineries.
2) We need to stop deforestation so we can breath in fresh air given from the trees

What activity is affecting the cycle?

Deforestation is crucially affecting the carbon cycle is such a way that it can be very dangerous in the future. Trees are one of the main sources of oxygen which support all living organisms as an essential need for their every day lives. As the trees are getting cut down, the rate of death of many animals will be expected to decrease dramatically. Just like in any cycle, if one category is taken out, the cycle will more than likely fail in various ways that can affect every other group that depends on them. In this case, if oxygen is being terminated, than the amount of carbon will erupt, creating a major problem in the carbon cycle.

Some of the ways to prevent/fix the problem!