Women's Rights

well, the so very few rights that they actually had.

Women had very few rights in the 1800's.

The world's view of women at that time:

Men (and some women) thought that women were only second-class citizens. They were expected to have their interests and thoughts only to their home and family. After marriage, women were considered property of her husband, and couldn't own land.

Rights women lacked:

Women started to hold meetings together.

Women knew they needed to act to get the rights they deserved. So they started to hold Women's Suffrage Meetings. They would discuss ways to gain rights, while gaining followers through this also. Some men supported this cause also. They thought women deserved rights - voting was a big one that was fought for especially hard.

Slowly, women began to gain rights.

It took a long time, but after many meetings and followers gaining, women slowly earned rights. All the other men and women opposed to this started to understand that women could help change society.