How are teens in Malawi different than teens in the U.S.?

The three main differences between Malawi and the United States are in Dating & Marriage, Food & Eating, and Apperance.

Difference #1

The biggest difference between Malawi and the United States is Dating & Marriage.


1) In Malawi there is not much formal dating.

2) In Malawi if you want to marry a woman, you have to ask her uncle for permission.

3) Before the wedding their group of elders meet together and discuss the marriage roles.

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United States

1) There is a lot of formal dating.

2) If you want to marry a woman you have to ask the woman's father for permission.

3) The bride and groom figure out their marriage roles after they get married.

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Difference #2

The second biggest difference is Food & Eating.


1) Malawian's usually start off their day with poridge or a peice of cornbread and tea.

2) Main meal in the evening, lunch may not be available every day.

3) Women often cook memals over a fire, either in small mud-brick kitchens or over an open fire with 3 stones supporting the pot.

4) Malawians do neot feel like they have eaten until they had nsima which is poridge made of corn flour, and water

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United States

1) We start off our day with an american breakfast.

2) Main meal for us is in evening, usually lunch is available.

3) People in America usually cook on an oven or in a stove.

4) Some of our common foods are hamburger, pizza, hotdogs.

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Difference #3

The third biggest difference is Apperence.


1) Malawian's strive to be clean, neat and modestly dressed in public.

2) Men wear pants, shirts and often a suit jacket.

3) Women wear blouses, skirts and dresses.

4) They might also wrap a chintenje around their waist.

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United States

1) Americans tend to dress in casual clothes.

2) Men and women sometimes wear the same clothes in the US.

3)Men wear shirts, shorts, sneakers.

4)Women wear dresses, blouses,pants, heels and sneakers

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