Sir Isaac Newton

Robert Meza & Javier Salinas

His Theories

Sir Isaac Newton explained how objects on Earth and in the sky behaved. His theories proved that the same laws of physics govern both. He also developed much of the scientific method used today.

One of the greatest Astronomers & Mathematichians out there

His Life Story

Sir Isaac Newton was most famous for his law of gravitation, and was instrumental in the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century. He was born on January 4th, 1643. He had a tough childhood because his dad died 3 months before he was born and was born premature. He didn't let that stop him and know is one of the most remembered Astronomers and Mathematicians out there. Sir Isaac Newton died on March 31,1727. He shows us that even if there is obstacles in life you can still get through it and succeed.

Robert Meza & Javier Salinas

Mr. Rodriguez, U.S History, 7th pd, 2-9-16,

Students at Cigarroa Middle School.

Newton's Discovery-Sir Isaac Newton