Andrew Jackson- President #7

The common mans president!

Worcester v. Georigia

After the discovery of gold and the need to grow more cotton Congress passed the Indian Removal act witch led to the Supreme Court Case Worcester v. Georgia. In this case the Cherokee claimed that the Georgian government could not take away their lands because there were a sovereign state. The supreme court did favor the Cherokee in this case but, Andrew Jackson refused to enforce it so Georgian Militia was sent to move the Cherokee.

"Trail of Tears"

The Cherokee had already fought Georgia in court and won but, because Andrew Jackson refused to enforce this ruling. The Georgia militia was on its was to relocate the Cherokee to Oklahoma. During this venture, many Cherokee died. The reason for this was Andrew Jackson Indian Removal Beliefs and Policy.

Killing National Bank

During Andrew Jackson's Presidency the reinstatement of the second national bank came up. Jackson saw the national bank as unconstitutional. He also saw the national bank as a means for the wealthy and does nothing for the common man. So Jackson Vetoed it.

Ghigau Casteel (Elderly Cherokee woman, negative)

ANDREW JACKSON IS A MONSTER! Sorry caps lock. After he refused to enforce the words of the supreme court he doesn't deserve to live. Me and my family were forced off of our farm without due process or warning. We had to walk all the way to Oklahoma with just the cloths on our back and anything we could pick up on our way out. The snow, OH THERE WAS SO MUCH SNOW and my little grand-baby. I weep just thinking about having to bury her and so many others at the stops along the way.

Jackson Kills Bank Cartoon.

In this cartoon the multi headed creature is the 2nd National Bank. Jackson is depicted killing off heads of the bank. This symbolized Jackson eagerness and excessiveness to kill of the already dead bank.

Micheal Lee Smith Jones.( White lower class factory worker with small house, positive)

Andrew Jackson is the best thing to ever happen to America. For to long has the lower class white man suffered by their richer counter parts. Just like me he had nothing and now he is one of the biggest rags to riches American stories ever. Finally we have "one of us" in a position of power and one who has the means to make change for the common man.