aq's poems


five years old

A bunch of memories
Reading books grades ahead
Imagining fake friends
Amazing nickelodeon shows
Non-stop napping
An obsession with rocks

Quizzical problems
Underachieving math student
Interesting stories
Running after the ice cream truck
Open wounds
Zero friends

elegy to my friend

All i hear is silence
soon after a loud boom
all i can do is stare as i walk into your room
all you do is lie there as I'm forced to see
blood is running out of your head
I'm shocked to see you're dead
how did you get the gun
i thought your war was won

you always had the brightest smile
and the loudest laugh
i guess i should have known
your smile stopped being shown
your eyes were always red
why didn't you tell me you cried yourself to bed
and even now as i think of you
you will always be the best

Even though you aren't on earth
I still feel you beside me
I know you think I'll forget you
but absolutely not now
until i know you're safe and sound
or where you need to be
but hey don't worry
you will soon be seeing me

my social life

i socialize barely
i barely socialize
i barely speak
i barely wake
i don't socialize in the day
i don't socialize in the night
i stare with my face in a screen
i eat alone like a titan
or a crawler with out its fill
and always seem ignored

life is like

life is like an ocean
sometimes it wild sometimes its mild
sometimes you feel like you are lost
but mostly in control

life is like an ocean
sometimes its bright others quite dark
a lot of the time you feel alone
but hey you still have a home


numbers, grades, tests
core books, holt books too
physical, mental
struggling, screaming
studying, failing, lying
guessing,trying hard

20 years later

Amazing art
Raising animals
Interesting writing
Amusing children
Never leaving my house
Anniversaries of people

Glorified weddings
Owning my own business
Not under rules
Zooming in a car
All around the world
Living with a room mate
Eating tons of ice cream
Zebra riding