Gulftainer Company Limited

Gulftainer Company Limited, Future is Partnering Progress

Gulftainer Company Limited United Arab Emirates, Future is Partnering Progress

International shipping and logistics is a heavy industry - literally carrying the load of world trade and expanding at mass to be able to do so. The future spells more challenging frontiers and newer economies. Nimble and positive partnership is essential to unlock growth. At Gulftainer, we've known nothing else for nearly 40 years, finding our feet at the heart of the UAE, the world's most significant trade hub.

We operate the most productive ports in the world, always staying close to what matters, always striving for a better turnaround - The turnaround of cargo, of trade and of fortunes for the world's most promising new economies. We don't just fuel their growth through improving efficiency. Our people work in partnership to make sure that growth is real and sustainable.

We never walk away from a challenge or a commitment. We listen to the needs and ambitions of those we work with and work for. We know the landscape and are part of the chain of events, maximizing value at every point. Already proud operators of the world's fastest terminal, we are in pole position to innovate at speed and on behalf of our partners to achieve success.