Andrew Jackson: A True Villain

by: Maria Gilles, Hai Nguyen, and Dylan Banis

Tariff Abominations

it's a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports

tax on goods would raise the cost to live in the South

cut into profits of New England’s industrialists

Bank War

second bank of united states chartered in 1816 for a term of 20 years

run by nicholas biddle

didn’t fully opposed the bank at first but did later on

Jacksonian Democracy

Jackson got the support from thousands of first time voters

had begun to let voters rather than states legislatures

It was the democratic expansion of white men voting rights

Spoils System

newly elected officials had given governments jobs to friends and supporters

“loot” was jobs to party supporters

began dismissing presidential appointees and other office holders and replacing them with Jacksonian Democrats

His Nickname: King Andrew 1

He got the nickname because he abused his power like a king, he didn't use it like a president.

Indian Relocation/Trails of Tears

20,000 Cherokees were marched westward at gunpoint on the trail of tears

Seminole resistance in Florida caused a war with their fights

White settlers wants to grow cotton on Indians land


Jackson re-introduced the idea of having slaves back to America

His Role in War of 1812

He was a major general