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Taylor Antwine

Breaking news! The Great Gatsby is DEAD!

Millionaire, Jay Gatsby was killed Saturday evening at his home. Medical examiners and law enforcement say that George Wilson shot and killed Gatsby before turning the gun on himself. The reasoning behind it is unbelievable. Gatsby took the blame of Myrtle Wilson for Daisy Buchanan. It was a hit and run in Jay Gatsby's vehicle. Daisy's husband, Tom Buchanan, told George Wilson that Gatsby had killed Myrtle. George was angered by it and showed up at Jay Gatsby's home and murdered him. Plenty knew Jay Gatsby but only few knew him personally. Those people include, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, Even Wolfshiem, and Nick Carraway, Gatsby's neighbor. Gatsby's business partner, Even Wolfshiem refuses to to comment about his death. Others are saddened by the death of the well-known Jay Gatsby.
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Jordan Baker cheating??

Professional golfer, Jordan Baker is accused of cheating on her boyfriend Nick Carraway during a golf tournament. People who know Baker say that she is a very careless and provocative person. So, it would not surprise a lot of people if this is true.
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