Edenrose Professional Learning Day

Friday June 29th, 2018

“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best the best they can possibly be.’ Rita Pierson

We are on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation

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Community Circles

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Goals for Community-Building Circles

We feel connected to other people when we sense that they see us, know us, and care about us. That’s what connection circles are about: being seen, being heard, being known, and developing affection. Therefore, the objectives for these circles are that students will feel:

  • they have been seen;
  • they have been heard;
  • they have been understood;
  • connected to other students;
  • they have given and received respect—and perhaps affection—from classmates.


  • Appreciation of Others (i.e. no put-downs)
  • Listen Attentively
  • Respect Everyone
  • Right to Pass (students can pass when it's their turn)


Group 1: Molly, Amanda, Prabha, Anjali, Jordan, Heather, Stephanie, Sabita, Pete, Juliet, Diana, Monika, Mariette

Group 2: Carissa, Shazia, Hanna, Laurie, Kayla, Jocelyn, Kelly, Dawn, Diane, Kelly, Rizwan

Group 3: Karen St. H.T., Ted, Gail, Liz, Faye, Jocelyn, Sunita, Kristina, Alanna, Sarah R., Stefanie , Denise, Julia

Group 4: Sheri, Alka, Michelle J., Ayesha, Karen H., Maria, Brenda, Mairtes, Anabela, Darryl, Brooke, Arleta

Group 5: Anup, Holly, Sue, Cindy, Laura, Sarah, Monique, Michelle W., Dave, Jana, Sarah C., Jennyfer

Thumbball Activity:

1. Green-If I could interview anyone in the world it would be....because...

2. Yellow-My favourite stay-cation or vacation was...because....

3. Blue-Something new I'd like to try or learn

4. Orange-My most prized possession

5. Purple-A mistake or failure I learned from

6. Pink-Something I've've always wanted to do, but haven't

7. Clear-My happiest time of life

​Egg Drop

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Challenge- to create a container that will protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a high fall.


  • Come up with an idea of some type of container you can make to protect an egg from a high fall.
  • Build your container and place the egg inside
  • Drop the egg from someplace high
  • After you drop it look and see if your egg cracked or remained intact.
  • You only have 20 minutes
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Key Messages

  • Goal: Develop Critically Literate Learners

  • French and English Teachers Collaborate

  • Common framework for Literacy

  • Literacy across all content areas

  • Reading and Writing taught in context

  • Follow Balanced Literacy Framework

  • Cross-curricular Rich Tasks

Learning Maps

  • Cross Curricular Connections
  • Rich Tasks
  • Informative Assessment
  • Intentional and Purposeful use of Resources
  • Cross Curricular f Resources

Next Steps

· Balanced Literacy Program

· Informative Assessment

· Learning Goals and Success Criteria

· Descriptive Feedback

· Triangulating Evidence

Rapid Fire

· Plan for Character Themes for 2018-2019 & Character. Assemblies for 2018-2019 & TeRRRific Tickets
· First 20 days in Reading, Writing & Mathematics

. 4 Coroner Activity


· Continue working in your Grade Level Meetings

· Transition/Classroom Set Up

· Treat for Staff @ 1:30 p.m.

.Complete all the items on your Closing Procedures and submit the form and your key to

the office (3:00 p.m.)