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HONDA SSA is a special education cooperative serving five school districts in the Lubbock area: Hale Center, Olton, New Deal, Abernathy, and Shallowater. The purpose of this page is to provide students, parents, teachers, and school staff with social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health resources. It is our goal to provide the necessary tools for our students to effectively identify, regulate, and manage their interpersonal skills to contribute their valuable attributions to their school, home, and communities.

November and December Resources inside MRS. SHADDEN OFFICE

Click on MY picture ABOVE to enter my office. I have some new resources for parents, teachers, and students. Be sure to click on each item in the office to discover new ways to regulate! I have added a new curriculum for all levels of SEL!


If you did not see BE A MR. JENSON from last month's newsletter, go check it out. Part 2 is located in my office, be sure to find it! CHECK OUT below - Rita Pierson always knew how to reach us!!
Rita Pierson: My Mamma Said

Shout out to all the Schools and Classrooms! Restorative Approaches and SEL making waves!

Shallowater ISD

The Ace

Special Education Teacher Callie Noland

Shallowater ISD

The Wild Cards

Teacher Assistant Susan Eaton

Focus Re-Director Kat McGill

Teacher Assistant Reanna Lovett

Special Education Teacher Rocio Bazaldua

Shallowater ISD

The Dream Team

Teacher Assistant Kelly Foerster

Teacher Assistant Missy Rhoades

Special Education Teacher Reagan Smith

**not pictured is Sandy Chenault

Thank you to all the Districts for allowing me to come into your schools and work with you on SEL and Restorative Approaches. Educating the Mind without educating the heart is no education at all (Aristotle)!
What is your SEL or RIPPLE effect? Click above to watch the power of Change.


Free Internet

Xfinity/Comcast will provide free 60 days of internet for low-income students.

Here is the number that they can contact: 1-800-934-6489

If you need assistance finding food, paying for housing bills, accessing free childcare, or other essential services, visit or dial 211 to speak to someone who can help.

Run by the United Way.

Taking Care of Your Own Social-Emotional-Mental Health

Local Resources

Catholic Charities in Plainview- they provide basic behavioral skills building, counseling, parenting classes, and other services: 806-296-7044

Dare to Believe Ministries- provides groceries every other week

Central Plains Center- Mental Health Services

Crisis of the Plains- Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resources

Salvation Army

Compassionate Care

Family Peer Navigator Initiative - Community Mental Health Resources - Grant

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Social, Emotional, Behavioral Sites for Parents and Students