Dangerous Places

By:Ryan Doran, Kayla Pauley, and Abie Gorden


There are many dangerous places in the world. You might just happen to be living by one of them. We are going to tell you about three of those places, and then you can decide if you think they are dangerous or not. You might not think they are but by the time you get to the end of this flyer you will be surprised. So beware to learn things about Earthquakes and Volcanoes you never knew before.

Near the East coast of Honshu, Japan

Honshu is the largest most populous island, it’s the 7th largest in the world. Population of 103 million in the year 2005. Honshu also has 3,386 miles of coastline. The main thing that attracts people to go there and live there is their unique and diverse culture. Japan has rich history and heritage. They have many interesting customs, creations, and lifestyles.

Tectonic Plate Movement

It’s plates that surround the Island are called North America plate, Pacific plate, Philippine sea plate, and the Eurasian plate. Since 1900, three great earthquakes occurred off japan, and three north of Hokkaido. They are M 8.4 in 1933 it was called the Sanriku-oki earthquake. The 2nd one was M 8.3 in 2003 called Tokachi-oki earthquake. Then the 3rd one off japan was M9.0 in 2011 called Tohoku earthquake. In North of Hokkaido was in 1958 it was M 8.4 called Etorofu. The 2nd one was in 1963 it was M 8.5 called Kuril also a Earthquake. Then the last one was in 19994 it was M 8.3 called Shikotan.

Why Is It Dangerous

It is a more frequent place to have a earthquake than any other place because it is surrounded all my water. At least 15,703 people died, 4,647 missing, 5,314 injured. Also there was 130,927 displaced buildings, roads, bridges, and railroads all damaged. The amount of money that was estimated was around at least 309 billion dollars. The magnitude was 9.0 the time it was 2:46 P.M.

By:Abie Gorden

Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Why do people Want to Live Here?

Northern Sumatra is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the island of Sumatra and the capital is Medan. Northern Sumatra is the most populous Indonesian Province outside of Java, with over 13 million inhabitants. People have been arriving here since 500 BC. Sumatra has a huge range of plant and animal species but has lost almost 50% of its tropical rainforest in the last 35 years. Many animal species there are critically endangered. Species like the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhino, and the Sumatran Orangutan. Deforestation on the island has also resulted in a serious haze.

Tectonic Plate Movements.

The earthquake that happened on December 26, 2004 occurred along a tectonic subduction zone in the Indian Plate. An oceanic plate is being subducted beneath the Burma Micro-Plate, part of the larger Sunda Plate. The interface between the two plates results in a large fault.

Why is it so Dangerous.

There was a 9.4 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in 2004. Plus there is an active volcano on the island. Volcanoes and earthquakes are always happening and are very dangerous. The earthquake that went on in 2004 killed about 1,300 people, about 400 people left injured, and about 350 buildings destroyed. It also destroyed the entire airport and destroyed five towns in the area.

By:Kayla Pauley


In Chile, South America during the time of the Vietnam War. The country of 17.6 million had suffered a horrific 9.5 (on the magnitude scale) Earthquake. Then too make bad things worse a tsunami that had followed just 15 minutes later! The tsunami caused 231 deaths and damaged in 3 different countries other than Chile. (Hawaii, Japan, and Philippines) The reason why people live in Chile is there are great sports athletics, good tropical weather, and religious diversity is not only respected; but protected in Chile.

The plates that make this terrifying earthquake involved the Nazca plate and the South American Plate. The 9.5 earthquake caused a volcano that hasn't been active for 40 years too spit out devastating 2000 degree lava throughout most of Chile. The two plate were colliding and subducting underneath each other for thousands of years; thus creating severe-high powered earthquakes along with volcanoes.

The reason why earthquakes and volcanoes happen so frequently in Chile is because of the “Ring of Fire.” The ring of fire is a stretch of volcanoes around the pacific ocean on the coasts of different continents. (Asia, Australia, North America, and South America)

In 1960 there were 7.7 million for the population in Chile.

By:Ryan Doran


Now you know more about three dangerous places in this world. Now do you believe us? Or do you still think they aren’t dangerous. There are many things in this world that are dangerous like tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The places we just told you about where earthquakes that had happened ten or twenty years ago. The earthquakes that happened in different years combined, killed a little bit over 17,000 people. This is how many people get killed from these natural disasters happening around the world.