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Week of September 14, 2018

Our First 5-Day Week!

The first week of school is always exciting and fun as we get to see students back from the summer holiday and watch as they greet friends, make new friends, and learn the school routine for the new year. The second week of school, we see the kids start to tire out at the end of the school day and definitely by Friday. Help your child get the recommended amount of sleep as we continue to get back into the school routine. Also know that your child may be a little tired, and perhaps a little grumpy, as they acclimate to school hours after being used to summer hours. After another week or two, our bodies will adjust to our work schedules again and students will have more energy at the end of the school day.

Classes started their NWEA testing this week as well. Students in grades KDG through 6 will take the NWEA for Reading and Mathematics three times throughout the school year. Students in grades 3-6 will also take the Science NWEA exam three times each year. All NWEA testing should be completed by mid-October. You can check with your child's teacher to receive results from the fall NWEA tests.

This weekend looks more promising than last weekend for outdoor activities! It is beautiful and sunny as we enjoy the last weekend of summer (fall begins next weekend). Get outside with your kids and play together this weekend!

Have a great week!

Mrs Lasky

Lunchtime Supervisors ROCK!!!

Thank you to all who answered the call!

THANK YOU Morgan community for stepping up to help in the lunchroom! We have almost 1 lunch monitor for each grade level on many days of the week! Monday is still a little short, but we are in so much better shape than we were in the past few years!

If you are interested in being a Morgan Lunch Monitor, we can still have you complete an application online and let Melissa Roth know your availability to help out! 586-797-5800.


Morgan has several parents who volunteer their time in our lunchroom. They are not required to complete blood borne pathogen training or food allergy training as volunteers. Our volunteers are welcome to help in the lunchroom and on the playground as more adult supervision is better with over 300 students eating or playing during each lunch shift. If you have a background check on file and would like to volunteer, please contact Melissa Roth in the main office at 586-797-5800.
Start an EduStaff Application for Lunch Monitor

This link will take you to the EduStaff web page where you can complete an application for Lunch Monitor

Morgan Open House

Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 27 is our annual Open House/Curriculum Night event at Morgan! We will start our evening the gymnasium for a short welcome and presentation about Morgan. Our Curriculum Night will begin after the Open House presentation in the gymnasium.

Curriculum Night is an ADULT ONLY event. We will host two 20-minute sessions in classrooms for teachers to review their grade level curriculum, procedures, and classroom routines with parents. We will switch between sessions for parents to visit a second classroom or visit our specialists teachers: Art, Music, Physical Education, Media Center, or our special education teachers: Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Nagy.

Open House will begin promptly at 7 PM. See you there!

Mark Your Calendar!

Calendar Dates

Mark these dates on your calendar:

Friday, September 21: First Bagel Day

ReMax Hot Air Balloon visits Morgan Elementary

Monday, September 24: PTO Meeting 6:30 PM at Hamlin Pub on 25/Van Dyke

Wednesday, September 26: Picture Day

Thursday, September 27: Open House, starting at 7 PM in the gymnasium

Book Fair: September 24-28. Schedule of class shopping times will be in next week's Rocket Review.

Friday, October 5: PTO Fall Festival

Music News from Miss Q

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Transportation Reminders

Why is the bus late?

The UCS Transportation department is seeking drivers for several route throughout the UCS district. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in driving a school bus, please consider applying. They even have part-time schedules available.

As UCS continues to seek qualified drivers, the Transportation Department will continue to double route with other schools, which results in late drop off times. They are making every effort to have your child home safe each day.

Thank you for your patience as UCS Transportation recruits and employs additional bus drivers so all available bus routes have a regular bus driver.

UCS Bus Driver Employment Application

This link will take you to the UCS webpage where the bus driver application can be located.

Lunch Schedules for Morgan

My child isn't eating lunch!

We provide as much time to eat as possible during both lunch shifts. Students are encouraged to sit with their classes and eat together during lunch time in the gym. The noise level of talking does get to be a little loud at times, which tells us the kids are enjoy their time with their friends, but not always eating. Please encourage your child to use their lunch time to eat their lunch while socializing so they are not hungry later. Our lunch monitors and Mrs. Lasky continue to walk around the lunchroom encouraging students to focus on their eating when we see them playing games together and talking instead of eating their lunch.

Morgan has two lunch shifts. The First Shift includes grades: K, 5, 6 & AIM classes. The Second Shift includes grades: 1-4. The schedule is below:

First Shift: 11:30-11:50

Grades: K, 5, 6 & AIM

Recess for Grades: 1-4

**Kindergarten and AIM classes will arrive in the lunchroom at 11:20 AM with teacher support until 11:30 AM to allow for additional time to eat and clean up.

Second Shift: 11:50 - 12:10

Grades: 1-4

Recess for Grades: K, 5, 6 & AIM

Lunchroom expectations per UCS Elementary Handbook:

• Eat quietly and use good table manners

• Remain seated until dismissed by an adult supervisor

• Place all trash and recyclable items in proper containers

• Leave the table in a clean condition for other students

• Show respect for others

Glass containers and knives are not allowed. Students are not permitted to take food or beverages outside the lunchroom without approval.

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UCS News and Updates

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Utica Community Schools Bond Proposal

Safety, technology and infrastructure improvements highlight Nov. 6 Bond Proposal

The Utica Community Schools Board of Education has unanimously (7-0) approved placing a $155 million bond proposal on the November 6 ballot to address safety and security, technology and infrastructure improvements identified through the district’s strategic, long-range facility improvement program.

“The bond proposal will allow us to continue providing an environment that supports the academic excellence for students that our community expects and deserves,” Board of Education president Gene Klida said. “The bond projects address safety and security and infrastructure priorities that directly impact our classrooms. The projects also provide our teachers the tools they need to drive learning and develop the job skills that businesses need to build our economy.”

Voter approval of the bond proposal has been structured to keep the tax rate at or below the current level.

The bond proposal will affect each UCS student and every UCS school and school facility.

The ballot proposal states that that the bond proposal will provide for:

1. making safety and security improvements, including cameras and door-locking systems;

2. equipping, furnishing, re-equipping and refurnishing school district buildings, facilities, and structures, and acquiring school buses and technology equipment;

3. constructing additions to and/or remodeling school district buildings; and

4. improving and developing sites, including playgrounds, athletic fields, facilities, and structures in the school district.

“Safe and secure schools are a top priority for our community and our district,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “The improvements in this bond proposal are a key piece to our collaborative efforts with local law enforcement to continue to keep our schools safe places for students and staff.”

Technology improvements provide students and teachers the resources to support learning, including key areas of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the integration of skills that ensure success in college and career.

The infrastructure projects also support the district’s long-range improvement programs in key areas of roofing, paving and the replacement of buses.

Board of Education Treasurer Dr. Robert Ross emphasized that voter approval of the bond proposal has been structured to not increase the current tax rate.

“Through solid fiscal planning, this bond issue has been designed to ensure we can address our facility priorities at or below our current millage level,” Dr. Ross said.

Dr. Ross added that the improvements will allow the district to extend the life of current school buildings and protect the investment the community has made in its facilities.

“Area realtors are clear that the strength of Utica Community Schools protects property values and draws new families and businesses to the communities we serve,” he said.

Dr. Ross noted that by law the bond revenue will be used only for capital improvements and may be not used for operating expenses, such as salaries or utilities.

“It is important that our taxpayers know that all revenue must be used for the purposes that are specified in the bond proposal and the expenditures are independently audited,” he said.

More information and an overview of projects are available on the district’s website at

UCS Bond Proposal

This link will provide you with additional information and frequently asked questions relating to the 2018 Bond Proposal.

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