President Andrew Jackson

"Spoils System"

When Jackson was elected into office he promised his supporters government jobs. Most of these people were unqualified for the position. He did this because he was a man of the people. This hurt the government because it led to unfit people running everything.
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"Trail of Tears"

Before the Westward Expansion the Natives were located in the Southeastern United States. They were forced West of the Mississippi River. Georgia threatened to secede because most of their territory invaded Georgia's borders. Jackson then signed the Indian Removal Act into law.
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Killing the National Bank

Jackson felt the national bank was unconstitutional. When Jackson was reelected for his second term he had one wish. Jackson vetoed the bill for the second national bank. This hurt the government almost as much as the Great Depression.
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King Andrew Jackson

This shows that the artist thinks that Jackson was like a dictator. He stands on the Constitution because he wouldn't follow the rules. He abuses his power and uses his veto more than anyone else.
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Letter to the Editor 1

I remember when I was ten years old my family and friends were told we needed to leave our territory immediately. The white men said we had to keep walking and obey them or we would get shot. My mother told me that I was just too young to understand what was happening but I could tell that she was just as confused as I was. When we finally got to where the white men wanted us to go we were given instructions that we weren't allowed to go back to our land and that this new place called Oklahoma would be our new home.