amar'e stoudmire- NBA ALL STAR

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Amar'e stoudmire is a confident kid with a great attitude. He fights for his rights to play ball, basketball that is! He played ball with his friends and he skateboards. One day he rolled up on his skateboard and his friends Mike and Deuce were there. There was these big kids playing basketball on "there" court. Amar'e didn't like that. AND THEY FOUGHT FOR THEIR COURT!!


He got his court taken away by some big kids!They played a basketball game to sedel it but they lost. Oh yeah i forgot the kids name was Amar'e Stoudmire and his friends were Deuce and Mike. When the big kids took over there court, they were mad. They sighed up for a tournament. They lost the first game they played. The next game Amar'e had a plan. His first plan didn't work, but his next plan did. He used his skill and the crowed to win the big game. In the end they got there court back.

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>Age Range:8-12

>Grade Levels:2-6

>Paperback:134 pages

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"Hey yo'."


''Just in time''

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This book is pretty good. I would recommend this book for ages 6-12. This a good book to motivate kids to never give up even if it means work. If you play a sport or maybe not never give up on your dreams or hopes.You can win and be happy. If you loose then you might not be so happy, but just don't be sad. So go home and read this book kids!

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