Coming March 25th

Soon, Batman of Gotham will take on Superman of Metropolis

Batman v Superman is about the DC comic called, Batman v Superman. In the new movie, two new characters are being featured, Doomsday and Wonder Woman.

Batman vs Superman movie opening

Friday, March 25th, 12am

8101 Roanridge Road

Kansas City, MO

Lines will be very long.

Recommendation, Get there early


Many people do not know who Doomsday is so, I hope you read this to learn a little bit more about him(or it). Doomsday is Superman's arch enemy, he is just as powerful as Superman. Many people think that he is more powerful than Superman's himself. Some of his powers are flight, super strength , and able to cover his body in Krypton armor plates.

How did Batman meet Superman?

Superman believes Batman is a vigilante and Batman was very rude to Clark Kent in an interview so Superman looks to get revenge.