Neighborhood Crime and Safety


The Issue

Our issue is neighborhood crime and safety. We have found that in the Fort Worth community there are approximately 34,000 crimes a year. Some of the root causes we have found for causes of crime are that criminals need or want money. The reason for this is they have little or no money and could have a family to take care of. Another main cause is no supervision for kids or outlet for their time so they might try and get attention by stealing things or committing crimes. Some robbers or burglars could have little or no education or discipline so they think it is okay to steal anything thing they want.

Our goal statement is that we plan to raise safety awareness in our communities by highlighting neighborhood watch programs and after school/summer clubs for kids.

Neighborhood Crime and Safety

Take Action

  • Create a neighborhood watch program
  • Leave the front porch/front lights on
  • Install neighborhood security cameras
  • Know your neighborhood patrol officer's number
  • Spread the word for summer camps to occupy kids' time

Fort Worth Police Department information

What We Learned

  • "I learned how to prevent neighborhood crime "-Miranda
  • "I learned what 'advocating' means and what it means to be an advocate."-Jack
  • "I learned that even the youngest people can make the biggest difference. Have you seen Tinker Bell?"-Leslie
  • "I learned how to help in my community."-Jasmine
  • "I have learned how to be a good citizen."-Cadence