Oil, Friend or Foe?

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Oil, we need it for our machines, cars and factories, but is it safe for us to use?

This is some of the equipment people use to extract oil from the ground.

Facts and advantages and disadvantages.

Oil is created by swamp organisms breaking

down by heat, time and pressure.


It has a tremendous amount

power compared to just about any other resource mthat we have.

other energy source. It is non renewable.

It is expensive because there is not much left.

One cup of oil can When there is an oil spill the environment is in jeopardy.

move a full vehicle

at a high speed for

About ten minutes.


Since we to much oil it is hard to find.

We take advantage of the amount we have.

It is non renewable.

Since it is now hard to find it has gotten more expensive.

Because we have taken advantage of the amount we have there is little left.

If there is an oil spill it put the environment and it's creatures in great danger.

The transportation that transports the oil is not secure from hijackers and thieves.

Oil can become deadly because it releases huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Burning oil releases particles into the air that contribute to thousands of deaths each year.

This article was made by: Emma Duvall