Elementary School mlearning

Incorporating apps into education through Mobile Learning!

Math Splash Bingo

This app is like every other bingo game. You can choose to play with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Once you choose the field of math you wish to practice, and pick the level you wish to attempt (easy, normal, hard), and press START, the game begins. A math equation will pop up and you will need to look on the board of numbers for the answer.

Example: Is the question reads 15+3 You will look for the number 18 on your board.

Once you find it, you will tap it and a new equation will be shown.

You win the game when you get all 5 answers in a row (in any direction) answered.

This game would help students practice math problems on their own whether they are at home or at school.

The game keeps track of how many right and wrong answers you guess to check your progress.

Mad Libs

This app can be used to test students on different kinds of words. In mad libs, you create a fun and funny story by adding in random nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. until the story is complete.

You then get to read what you have created and see if it makes sense.

This is a good way for students to understand the proper use of words while having fun!

Little Speller

For very young students, or ones who need extra help spelling, this game is perfect. It shows the picture and says the word of what you are supposed to spell, and has tips to help the student along the way.

If you tap on any one of the letters, the letter is said out loud, which helps the students trying to spell the word find the proper place that it should go.

This exercise would assist those children that are just beginning to link words they hear into actually spelling them out.


This app helps students strengthen their minds by playing matching memory games.

At the start you can choose which object you want to use, ex.) bubbles, butterflies, trains, etc. and which difficulty, ex.) 6 cards, 12 cards, 20 cards.

In the picture, I chose an exercise of 12 cards with bubbles.

Like any other matching game, the student would try to pair the matching bubbles. To do this, he/she would need to remember where they were located.

This is a great memory activity for young students!

Telling Time

This app helps young students learn how to tell time.

There are 2 ways to play the app.

1) The app tells you to set the clock to a certain time (ex.1 o'clock) and the student will then have to adjust the hands on the clock to read that time

2) Th app tells the student to stop the clock at a certain time, (ex. 6:18), and the student must carefully count as the clock ticks to stop it at that certain time.


At the beginning of this app, you need to enter in the students Name (or nickname), age, and gender.

This app asks the student questions.


When asked about a car, the exercise asks "Where does this belong?" The student then has an option of dragging the car to the land or the ocean.

When asked about a group of 3 apples and 1 orange, the exercise asks, "Which is the odd one out?" The student has to tap the one that is different than the others (the orange).

When shown to shapes of different sizes, the exercise asks "Which one is larger?" The student has to tap on the shape that is larger.

Once the student has gone through a few activities they get rewarded within the game by receiving prizes.

This app was designed to provide children with a fun game that would stimulate all major areas of the brain.

They tasks begin basic and adapt in difficulty to match the appropriate level of the child.

There is a parent and teacher corner where they can view the child's/student's progress.