Genetically Modified Crops!

It's great! Yummy!

So what are Genetically Modified Crops?

Genetically modified (GM) crops are crops that have been changed by genetic engineering, which lets less things harm the crop and improve the plants' growth. You probably eat many GM foods, like breads, cheeses, and soda.

So how does it help you (farmer)?

GM crops are grown very big which will lead you to get more money for your farm. Recently, GM crops became stress resistant, which means the plants can tolerate droughts and frost. GM plants are also pathogen resistant, which means that plants are resistant to certain viruses.

So what's so bad about it?

Nothing. This way, GM crops/plants/fruits that you grow, will not get harmed, which means that you can get a lot of money for what you have already grown.

So what's there not to lose?