Zach's Lie

Roland Smith

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Jack Osborne is a normal kid until his dad got caught transporting drugs. Now, Jack's family has to be in the Witness Security Program. They have new names a new house in a different town. Zach now has to live out his life as someone else. He gets a friend named Catalin. Then he is found by the men who are trying to kill him.
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Roland Smith

His Life

He was born in Portland, Oregon. He says he has always wanted to be a writer. When he was 5 he received an old typewriter and it became his favorite possession. A little later in life he had a part-time at a zoo and his work with animals would take him all over the world. He continued to practice his writing, but his time was mostly on animals. Eventually, Smith left the zoo to write full-time.


Protagonist: Zach/Jack Antagonist: Alonzo

Other Characters: Sam(The Custodian), Catalin(Zach's Girlfriend). Wanda/Joanne(Zach's/Jacks's sister), and Mrs. Granger(Zach/Jack's Mom).

I recommend the book Jack's Run

It's the second book and I heard it was better than the first.

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I Would Recommend This Book

This Book is amazing and really cool. I really like this book and I only like certain kind of book.