It is almost time for your journey!

Are you ready? We are ready for you!!!

Last minute details and wrap-ups

This is the last group communication you will receive before the program. Please read it carefully as it contains important information and one last small activity to complete before coming.

Please remember to complete your Pre-Travel Check list. You can let us know if you have any questions.

For information about the program schedule, San Francisco, pre-program assignments, and our GLE community members, please visit the GLE website.

Remember it is WINTER in San Francisco so please pack a COAT and LONG PANTS! In the past a few participants have come with only shorts and t-shirts and had to buy winter clothes. You will also need comfortable walking shoes. We will be hiking one day and walking many other days.

Leadership Activity 3

I want us to have an amazing and impactful journey together. Therefore, I would like to ask that each of you be ready to tell us a little bit about one of your favorite leaders. This person does not have to be famous and could even be someone you know. Think about who inspires you and how they inspire you. Maybe you have a favorite quote from this person you want to share or an interesting story. Please think about it and then each morning in small groups, one person will share with their group their favorite leader. You do not need to email me anything, just come prepared to share.

Below is one of my favorite leaders and an inspirational quote from him.

Big image

Thank you for reading to the end!

If you have any questions you can email or call Christy :)