Weekly News

December 14-17


Multiplication of Two-Digit by Two-Digit Numbers

  • Multiply two-digit multiples of 10 by two-digit numbers using the area model.
  • Multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers using four partial products.
  • Transition from four partial products to the standard algorithm for two-digit by two-digit multiplication.
  • Test on Thursday

Ten Marks

Students will practice division and multiplication skills through Ten Marks this week.

Feel free to work on any topic under multiplication and division in IXL. No homework will be assigned.

Videos and practice links to Module 3 (This is helpful for parents and students.)

Language Arts

There are some changes in Language Arts.

The reading responses have been amazing! I am so impressed with the progress that has been made. This week we begin our Accelerated Reader Challenge. In lieu of a reading log, students are encouraged to take Accelerated Reader quizzes. If I discover that students need the accountability of the reading log, I will assign it on an individual basis. Students can earn tickets and prizes through our AR Challenge.

Due to the short week, we will not have a spelling test on new words.

From our novel, Minli (the main character) learns the secret to happiness.

"Fortune was not a house full of gold and jade, but something much more. Something she already had and did not need to change." - Minli Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

This week week we look at the novel closely and read, review, and write to the concepts below:

*Figurative Language
*Character Traits
*Character Changes

Science: Slow Changes

The surface of Earth goes through constant gradual changes. Theses changes include weathering and erosion. Our test is this Wednesday.

Think Win-Win

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By Lucas Morello

One time my mom come home with ONE very very big cookie.
My brother and I both really wanted that cookie. "I want that big and yummy looking cookie! " cried Joey. "I want that cookie even more then you do. " I said.
My mom suggested, "Let's split it in half." So we got a ruler and cut the cookie.

Ask your child about how they solved a problem to make it Win-Win.

Baby clothes, Books, and Blankets

ECC is collecting these items this month for families in San Diego that are in need.

New baby clothes and gently used books and blankets are the 3 B's to remember. It would be great if each child could participate. I know I will be bringing in some books and a sweet little baby outfit. Thank you for taking time to consider this worthy cause.

ECC’s Holiday Charity has officially started! Your classroom’s collection box is ready to accept the following donations any time between November 30th and December 10th:

New OR Gently Used

Children’s books (age baby – young adult)

Blankets (esp. full & queen sizes)

Booster seats

Car seats


High chairs


Diapers (sizes 1-6)

Baby food




Clothes (size newborn – 3T)



If you would like to donate larger items, there will be volunteers ready to collect them at the back gate before school on Thursday, December 3rd and Wednesday, December 9th.

Thank you for your participation in this wonderful program!

Room 207's Holiday Party

We are eagerly looking forward to our holiday party! It is a book exchange with a compliment card (as well as treats and fun crafts). Look for an email from our room parents for more details.

On Friday, students received a name of a student in our class. They will not share this name because it is surprise! The card will have the types of books the student likes. Books should not exceed $10. In addition to the wrapped book, students are to write three genuine compliments for the student. We have been writing compliment cards in class so they will know what to do! :) Please put the gift recipient's name on the gift. The giver's name will remain a surprise.

Students can start bringing in wrapped books and cards on Monday, Dec. 14. We will open the gifts during our holiday party.

Box Tops

Please save your Box Tops. This is a great way to earn money for our school. Send them in whenever you'd like. We have a collection envelope by the front door.

The Mile Run is Today!

Students have been preparing to run the mile in P.E. Please be sure to wear appropriate shoes on Mondays for P.E.

Treasure Box Items

Our treasure box auction is coming up. If you come across little treasures that you'd like to donate, we will happily accept them. :)

Wipes and Paper Towels

If you would like to donate disinfecting wipes or paper towels, we'd happily accept them. :)

Coming Up

  • Dec. 14 P.E.- The Mile Run
  • Dec. 17 Holiday Party
  • Dec. 18- Jan. 3 Winter Break

Have a wonderful week and holiday season!

~ Mrs. Jones and Scooter
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