Wind Power

The power of wind

What is wind power?

Wind power captures the natural wind on our atmosphere and converts it into mechanical energy then electricity. Modern wind turbines harness winds kinetic energy and convert it into electricity. Utility-scale turbines are over 260 feet tall and power hundreds of homes.

How it works:

Wind turbines work easily. When the wind blows the propeler-like blades turn round and round. When the propellers move by the wind it sends little electric shocks. Usually they put wind farms offshore.

Advantages :

1) It can work in a windy area

2) It produces electricity

3) It can be in oceans to produce electricity for a lot of homes

4) It is good for the earth because it is renewable and can be used over and over again without doing any damage to the earth

Disadvantages :

1) It makes noise

2) It is a threat to wildlife due to large scale construction

3) The wind is unpredictable

4) It kills birds flying by

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