The Potawatomi tribe

Keepers of the sacred fire

Past History

The Potawatomi lived in the eastern woodlands and prairies. The Potawatomi were forced by another indian tribe western were they first lived. Last the U.S forced the Potawatomi to leave their land.

Present History

Potawatomis live in California, Washington D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,Ontario, Canada, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Their present history problem is that their losing their native language.




The Potawatomi tribes clothes were dresses, breech cloths, feather war bonnet, sioux, Mohawk, and porcupine roach.

Potawatomi Houses

The Potawatomi houses looked liked dome shaped houses and rectangular logs.


The Potawatomi tools were bows, wooden clubs, spears, nets, spouts, buckets, taping sap, knockers, and snow shoes.


The Potawatomi played with dolls, toys, and lacrosse.

Interesting Facts

The Potawatomi speak English. The Potawatomi tribe were removed from the west this was called the Potawatomi trail of death. The women in the tribe would do farming, child care, cooking, and and could be chief. The men in the tribe would do hunting, fight wars, and could be chief.