Spring Week 6 Updates

Hello My Homies!

Hope you all are killing week 6!

There is only 3 weeks left for MKT this quarter and we are gonna end with a bang!

Recap from yesterday's FM:

1. Values! It was a fun activity & it was great knowing what everyone value and what's important to you.

2. We will collaborating with External Relations (ER) from now until the end of the quarter to get those EPs!

3. Here is a break down of what we are going to be doing for the next 3 weeks:

Week 6 (aka this week):

    Please ask the professors to forward our Smores email to their students. I will forward a template to you. Send out 5 emails each!
  • PITCHES - Classroom Pitches! Everyone please do minimum of 2 pitches per week!

Week 7:

  • Lemonade Stand outside of the Library
    Thursday May 12
    10 am - 2pm
    **Shout of to Taryn for booking this!
  • Continue to send out 5 emails this week!
  • Pitch in 2 classes!
  • Fishbowls Tuesday & Wednesday 11-2pm
  • Karen from CLA has connection to classes we can speak to!

Week 8:

  • Ivy's Balloon Idea! (Let's make a plan now!)
  • Go to greeks & clubs for pitches
  • Continue emails & pitches

Week 9: TBD

Week 10: TBD

Individual Updates

I'm excited to see the progress y'all made on your individual duties! Please be ready to give an update and plans you have.

Taryn - Stakes & Lemonade Plans

Natasha - Blog collection, newsletter (send out 5/8), regular fb posts

Patricia - Testimonials

Max - Plans for oGT/ meet with Winston & contact OCOB

Ivy - Plans with oGT & Water balloon plans!


Please book me for 1:1 for next week! They will be approximately 30 minutes long! Also let me know where you wanna do it! Doesn't have to be on campus if ya don't want to!

Book me at by Friday 9am:

Save the Date!



Sunday, MAY 15th 1PM

Then KBBQ after for late lunch? :D

FM for the rest of the Quarter with ER:

Mondays @ 8PM :)

LCM every Thursday as usual!

Operation: Get Da People

Operation: Get Da People is the movement we are having and its in full swing yall! We can't look back now! Lets keep the momentum going & reach our goal!

Here some updates on how we are doing:

APRIL 1st - May 4th


oGC: 18 EPs

oGT: 11 EPs


oGC: 24

oGT: 13

Total Matched People:

10 People for oGC!

5 People for oGT!

That's 15 lives y'all! That's a big deal! :D

We are getting there y'all! But we are gonna need to keep the up momentum! Let's do this!

Ya girl,